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Interested in training your Sales Teams, improving your CRM data quality, setting up/running a Net Promoter Score* system or improving the effectiveness of your backoffice through workflows? Then you should get in touch with us

*Net Promoter Score is a customer loyalty metric developed by (and a registered trademark of) Fred Reichheld, Bain & Company, and Satmetrix Systems

Data Quality

"You can have Data without Information but you cannot have Information without Data. "

Daniel Keys Moran, Business architect, database guru, writer.

What is a Workflow?

Organizations use Workflows to coordinate Tasks between People and synchronize Data between Systems (in particular Systems having no way of interchanging Information). Workflows improve organizational Efficiency, Responsiveness and thus Profitability.
Workflows ensure that every Process step is explicitly defined, monitored and optimized for maximum productivity

One additional Advantage of introducing Workflows is the fact that you have to understand the Process 100% and make sure the current Process is without flaws before designing a Workflow: Very often you will have to modify the Process before developing the necessary Workflow(s) in order not to automatize a flawed Process.

CRM - a Word of Warning

A CRM System on its own does nothing good - you do not introduce a CRM System in your Organisation and miraculously it transforms your Business. A lot of CRM Projects fail to achieve anything meaningfull because there are no Business Goals or they are not articulated or understood.
It is imperative to specify how the System will support the Business Processes necessary to achieve the Business Objectives. In order to do so you should first map the "as is" Situation and then agree on the "to be" Processes.

A lot of People have the feeling they are wasting their time doing this Analysis but without you will run into Delays and Cost Overruns which often make the Project Team dumb down the requirements or cut corners which in the long run jeopardises the success of the Project.

Mapping and modifying Processes as mentioned above may cause Friction in the Organization: None of us want to realise that the Process we are managing does not work.

This is when it is a good Idea to bring in a Consultant to blame.

Our service

We have been in B2B Sales (Frontline and Management) for years and have been able to collect a lot of experience in optimizing
processes so we understand what you want to achieve and know how to get there.

Optimizing Sales Processes

Opportunity Management.
Value Selling/Dollarization.
Pipeline Management.
Reporting and Dashboards.
Increasing CRM User Adoption.
Target Setting.
Solving the classic Problem with dysfunctional KPIs.

Optimizing CRM Systems

Reporting and Dashboards.
Integration with existing Infrastructure.
Email and Calendar Integration.
Mobile Access.
Master Data Clean-up.


We develop and deploy the solution, then train your teams allowing them to keep the process running, even when new requirements pop up.

Net Promoter Score

Have your NPS process run by Workflows and get a drastic reduction in needed resources, vastly improved response rates resulting in monthly results impacting customer satisfaction.
Let Net Promoter Score add real
Value to your Organisation.

Analysis of Sales related Data

Visualization of your Data will give you a much better Overview to base Decisions upon - Sales Region Setup, prioritizing Opportunities, identifying White Space, Merging Sales Teams...


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